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Gayathri and Rahul

Hi Mayank You had done the decorations for my wedding which was on August 18th 2014. My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing job that you did. The decorations for both events were admired and appreciated by all that attended. Thank you so much! Gayathri and Rahul

Natasha & Tom

Dear Punam, Tom and I wanted to extend our most sincere thank you for all your hard work with the decor for our wedding. You were the unofficial star of the show for each of our events. All of our guests as well as the hotel staff commented on how incredible the decor was everyday. We especially loved what you did on our wedding day. The flowers for the Nikah were gorgeous and the ballroom looked impeccable! Thank you so much again. Best, Natasha & Tom


Dear Punam In a special way I would like to thank you for the beautiful flower decorations you did for us at the Taj West End on November 22nd: the two arches, centre table flowers, large bouquets by the alter table, the decoration on the steps to the banquet hall, bridal bouquet, the bride and groom table, the hair peice they were all beautiful and accentuated the ambience of the place. The evening was a memorable one for us so thank you for your contribution. Best wishes for a joyful new year. Parveen Dr. Parveen Kalliath, BA (Hons), MSW, PhD Deputy Head of School & Senior Lecturer (Social Work) School of Allied Health; Faculty of Health Sciences Australian Catholic University, Signadou Campus PO Box 256, Dickson, ACT 2602 Phone: +61 2 6209 1125, Fax: +61 2 6209 1174, Email: CRICOS registration: 00004G 00112C 00873F 00885B

Smita H. Shetty.

Dear Punam, With the wedding celebrations over, I am slowly getting back to my routine. While I do this, I will be failing in my duty if I do not express my appreciation for the good work that you have done in relation with the above celebrations. From the time I met you in your office, I was truly impressed by the amount of stock you hold of all the artefacts that you need as props. This tells me that you are serious about your business for the long run and therefore, think it necessary to invest in such props. Secondly, on talking to you, I realised that there was an in-depth passion of flowers decorating and putting the whole picture together for a particular function. This I believe, is the main ingredient that differentiates between a good professional and otherwise. Your knowledge of the constituents of your business is very impressive and it further cemented my confidence in your ability to do a good job. Thirdly, you showed a genuine interest in working at venues because of the unique setting that stole your heart and you wanted to take this opportunity of decorating them. From then on Punam, I did not have to look back on anything. You took this as a mission for yourself and executed it to perfection without leaving any stone unturned. At every stage, you co-ordinated efficiently, ensuring that samples and details were explained to me and you had a perfect understanding of what you were doing was exactly what I had asked for and discussed. The result was simply PERFECT. A simple venue you transformed into a fairy land with your lights, paper lanterns and beautiful flower arrangements. Everything put together had a magical effect in transforming the places. All my guests along with blessing the couple had a special word of congratulations for the beautiful decor. In all honesty, these congratulations goes to you, right from the gate to the Mantap, you highlighted the natural beauty of place and enhanced it with your skill. I along with my family thank you for the support that you extended to us at this function and made it a truly memorable one for us. Yours sincerely Mrs Smitha H Shetty daughter ‘s wedding


Dear Punam I never got a chance to thank you properly for the beautiful decorations at the Church and Garden Side Hall. It was all much more beautiful that how we imagined it and so so lovely! A heartfelt thank you to you and your wonderful team for the service you extended us. You will certainly be our go to person for any such events in future 🙂

Aditi Girish

Hello Punam, When I met you for the first time, I had already spoken to about 3-4 decorators. My concern with each one was that they were not comprehending the words Simple, Understated,Elegant and Low-Key wrt the decor. Each one told me how ,the more the jazz ,the better it would look. Yet for me ,it was not the expense that was bothering me as much , but the understated look was something I absolutely wanted. You were the only one who reassured me that I need to just articulate what I want and that you would translate it exactly. May I say now that each of the three decors were the epitome of 'elegant and understated 'look. I remember , that for the lunch, we had a choice of roses , orchids and carnations, which were much more expensive options. Yet you understood that the reason I chose marigolds, was that they looked more Indian, and matched the mantapa decor. It had nothing to do with the expense really. You even took the trouble to create constructs at least thrice to make sure I was reassured. Not once did you try to push the expensive option just because it perhaps could have meant more revenue to you. I also deeply appreciate,that you put in so many additions on your own, like the rangoli and so many beautiful touches, which made a big difference to the beautiful look. You are someone who has an artistic approach, which is invaluable. Decor is only 20 % about the flowers and fabrics and props. It is 80% about the artistic and design approach. Either you are born with it or one just does not have it. You are also deeply passionate,it seems about your work, hence you could bring so much enthusiasm to the job. I am very glad I relied on you. The wedding of Akaankshaa in the future,is definitely to be done by you , is what I have decided. PS: I also noticed consistently a certain innocence and simplicity in you which is very unusual for a businesswoman I hope it remains intact over the years, since it makes you stand apart from others. Regards Aditi